Frequently asked questions

What is City Feast? 


City Feast is a Street Food Market taking place in central Canterbury. Creating a unique environment and vibe for enjoying some of the best street food Kent has to offer.

Expect an ensemble of the most diverse and exciting culinary offerings and expertly crafted drinks, all within a completely unique setting


Where is City Feast? 


City Feast is located in Central Canterbury outside The Marlowe Theatre.  


When is City Feast on? 


City Feast returns for the May Bank Holiday.

Who is trading at City Feast? 


Traders alternate weekly. Check the trader tab to find out which traders are on each week.


Do I need a ticket? 


No, the market is free to enter! 


What about Covid-19? 


We have taken all necessary measures to make sure traders, staff and the public attending the event are following government guidelines and regulations.


How do I get to City Feast? 

We're slap bang in the middle of the city! For details about local travel connections please check the travel tab.


Can I pay by card or cash? 


Due to Covid-19 all traders will be card only. 


Will there be alcohol at City Feast? 


Yes there will be. The bar will be operating a challenge 25 policy so please bring valid government ID.


Does City Feast have disabled accessibility?


The whole site is flat and easily accessible.

Is there parking at City Feast?


There is no car parking at City Feast. Please check our travel tab to see the nearest car parks to the market.


I have special dietary requirements. Will City Feast be able to accommodate them?


If you have any dietary requirements please let each individual trader know before ordering.


Will there be any outdoor entertainment at City Feast?


At this point in time there will be no outdoor entertainment.


Will there be any seating at City Feast?


At our new riverside home, there will be plenty of seating to enjoy your food and drink upon!


If it rains will City Feast continue or be postponed to another day?


We’re all too familiar with our beautiful English Weather. We’ll be operating come rain or shine! 


Is anyone eligible to attend City Feast?


All are welcome to our market! 


Will it be possible to bring fold up chairs to the event to use as seating if there isn't 

seating available or allowed?


No seating must be brought to the event due to covid 19 regulations.


Will there be toilet facilities nearby?


There are no toilets directly at the event but there are public toilets nearby. The nearest public toilets are Orange street and Canterbury lane. Please ask our stewards for direction if you need. 


Will you have to wear a mask if walking round the event?


As we are an outdoor market, you are not required to wear a mask


How will people move round the event?


A one way system will be in place while the event is being carried out.


Can I leave the event and come back?


Yes you can come and go as you please from the event.

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